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Life flows like water.  At times it's supple and moves around obstacles without effort and it moves freely.  And then it can be as hard and cold and unforgiving.  The same with life's troubles: painful and unyielding. Set in the epic snow covered Rocky Mountain ski town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and in the picturesque Finger Lake town Skaneateles, New York, this story takes the reader on a journey through the hearts, minds and experiences of the characters as they move through their lives.
 Jake Taylor had lived his life the way he’d always wanted to: on his terms with nothing in his way. He wasn’t worried about the future while he tried not to let his past get in the way. Then he meets Rachel Dering: dangerously beautiful, dark, and broken; a perfect woman for Jake to save. In the end it would be himself that needed the saving, and as his road takes him back to his hometown in upstate New York, he would find what and who he’d need to save him from his past and himself. Mercy Young would enter his and everyone’s life having a profound affect that would last the rest of their lives. 
Everyone has something from their past that affects how they live in the present. Some let them become insecurities while others use them to strive forward.  What lies beneath the surface of people’s lives is part of who they are. Embracing the dangers of the heart, challenging self-doubt, and finding the strength and grace to flow through life’s obstacles, and all its complexities and adversity like water determines how people live and who they are.


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